Mackie 1202-VLZ3 Mixer

Mackie 1202-VLZ3 Mixer


The 1202-VLZ3 features twelve balanced line inputs, four high quality XDR2 mic preamps, four insert points (mono channels 1-4) and ALT 3-4 outputs, which give users alternatives from routing signal to the stereo “Main Out”. Using the “ALT 3-4” and “Main” outputs simultaneously provides four-bus style routing to multitrack recorders, monitors, etc. Perhaps the most impressive feature is in the mic preamps. Premium studio-grade, Extended Dynamic Range (XDR2) mic preamps provide an incredible 130dB dynamic range and 0 to 60dB gain range providing pristine audio and low noise floor. XDR2 mic preamps are optimized for 24-bit, 192kHz sample rate recording.

Product Description

The Mackie 1202VLZ3 is a professional compact mixer, with features that outweigh its small footprint. The ideal compact mixer for all sound applications, the 1202VLZ3 is equally on the road, on the stage, or in a recording studio. At Mackie, they can never leave “well enough” alone. After all, the VLZ Pros are the best-mixers of all time, so we knew it would be tough to improve on what many devoted owners already consider perfection… and yet they were driven to do it anyway.

While it keeps all the features and functionality of its predecessor, the Mackie 1202VLZ3 offers even greater headroom versus the original. They could have stopped right then and there, but they’re obsessed with perfection. So they redesigned the Mix Bus, tweaked the EQs, and created a mixer with a highly intuitive, musical feel.


Total # Of Inputs 12 – Balanced 1/4″ TRS Phone Inputs
Mic/Line Inputs 4 – Balanced XLR Mic Inputs
Stereo Line Inputs 4 – Stereo Paired Balanced 1/4″ TRS Phone (Channels 5-12)
In-Line Inputs/Returns No
AUX Sends 2 – 1/4″ TRS Phone with extra 15dB of gain above Unity
AUX Returns 2 Stereo (4 mono) – 1/4″ TRS Phone
Inserts 4 – 1/4″ TRS Phone Pre-Fader/Pre EQ
BUS (Group) Outputs 4 – Group Outputs via ALT 3-4 output and Master Main Outputs
2 Trk Master I/O Main Output L/R – Balanced 1/4″ TRS Phone
XLR Main Output
ALT I/O Tape Input/Output L/R RCA-pin
Monitor Outputs Control Room L/R Balanced 1/4″ TRS Phone
EQ Section HI Shelving +/- 15dB @12kHz
MID Peaking +/- 12dB @2.5kHz
LOW Shelving +/- 15dB @80Hz
Solo/Mute MUTE/ALT 3-4 switches on channels 1-12
SOLO (pre fader) switches on channels 1-12
Channel Level Control Sealed Rotary Controls
Trim/Gain Control Unity to +60dB
Phantom Power +48V
Metering 12 – segment peak LED’s with “RUDE SOLO” light
Frequency Response 20Hz to 60kHz: +0 dB/-1 dB
20Hz to 100kHz: +0 dB/-3 dB
Dynamic Range 130dB Dynamic Range
Signal-to-Noise Ratio -100dBu; Main Mix knob down, channel Gain knobs down
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) (1kHz @ 35dB gain, 20Hz-20 kHz bandwidth)
Mic pre @ insert: 0.0007%
Power Supply 120VAC, 50/60Hz, 25 watts
Dimensions 11.2 x 11.9 x 3.0″ (284 x 303 x 75mm) (H x W x D)
Weight 6.5 lb (3.0 kg)

Whats Included

1-Mackie 1202 VLZ3 Mixer
1-IEC Power Cable

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